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Wearing shame on your shoulders?


The Shame Lady's Blog

Wearing shame on your shoulders?

Kristina Eklund

Excuse me, but is that shame that's weighing so heavily on your shoulders?

I see it in you because I have felt it in myself.

My shame was like a heavy cloak I wore for most of my life. Like a coat that both weighed me down, and also kept me safely hidden.

Even at times in my life when I've thought I was keeping my emotions to myself, I realize that I've been wearing my emotions in and on my body. I never made a choice to display my emotions in this way - it's just, well, part of being human. An embodied human.

Sometimes shame keeps me small

Sometimes happiness uplifts me

Sometimes sadness washes over my heart

Sometimes my face glows with pride

Sometimes joy bubbles up from my belly

Our emotions and our bodies are deeply connected. The emotions we feel have an impact on our bodies. But amazingly, the opposite is also true. Our bodies, and how we hold our bodies, can have an impact on our emotions.

Research shows that...

holding a power pose for 2 minutes makes us feel more empowered

holding a pencil between our teeth (creating a smile) makes us find jokes funnier

holding a warm beverage makes us more receptive ('warmed up') to ideas

This 2-way street of emotion to body and body to emotion can actually be fun to explore. If you're in the Boulder, Colorado area, check out my new Embodied Emotion all-levels yoga class at . Each class focuses on a pair of emotions. The first series focuses on Shame & Pride. Hope to see you there! 

With kindness and care,