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About The Shame Lady


Hi, my real name is Kristina (Cizmar) Eklund, but you can call me The Shame Lady. It's easier to spell :) .  My life has been a study in shame. Having been sexually abused from a very young age, I embodied shame long before I ever spoke the word. After trying various ways of working with shame over the years, and even calling it "low self-esteem" and working with those approaches as well, I finally found something that works. This is an approach you won't find anywhere else - yet!  This approach is grounded in a new theory of emotions - the work of Charles M. Jones. I collaborated with Charles and with coach, consultant and professional experiential workshop designer, Jim Knickerbocker, to create this way of working with shame.

In my former position as managing editor at a multimedia publishing company specializing in Health & Healing, Spirituality & Meditation, and Psychology & Neuroscience, I became familiar with the work of a wide variety of healers, trauma researchers, and experts on emotion. For me, this new approach is the only one that has led to lasting transformation.

I offer presentations and workshops primarily in the Boulder/Denver, CO area.  Participants have used this approach with abuse-related shame, as well as shame around body image, sexual orientation, financial status/employment status/prestige, health conditions (physical and mental), race/ethnicity, and more.

In addition to the work with shame I also offer support to fellow adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse through my website