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2014-2015 Feedback

(Comments are anonymous, and are from multiple presentations of the Shifting Shame workshop, to protect the privacy of participants.)

"Clear, safe, and very interesting workshop, great topic"

"Valuable material, very well presented, and great discussion!"

"New way to look at a difficult subject" 

"You've changed my life. Really - you've changed my life!"

"Practical and easy to interpret" 

"Enjoyed little assignments that we could do and some sharing" 

"Enjoyed everything! So well presented with helpful experiential exercises" 

 "Liked the relevance to all aspects of shame" 

" I have a new tool to help me in life" 

"Informative and enlightening" 

"Enjoyed the worksheet content and organization. They facilitated self awareness and thought organization."

"From the heart and practical" 

"You  are the Shame Lady!"

"Every day that you are not out there teaching this, people are suffering more than they need to be!"