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Transform shame in a workshop led by the Shame Lady.

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Past engagements include

February 2017 Healing Shame in the LGBTQ Community, workshop presented for University of Colorado Gender & Sexuality Center

October 2016 WINGS Soaring to New Heights Conference, Johnson & Wales University, Denver Campus

April 2016 It Happens Every Day: Spotlight on Childhood Sexual Abuse, Film premiere and discussion, University of Colorado Boulder

March 2016 TRANSforming Gender Symposium, University of Colorado Boulder

December 2015 Self-Care for the Holidays workshop at CU-Boulder, in conjunction with WINGS Foundation

September 2015 KGNU Radio Interview

September 2015 WINGS Soaring to New Heights Conference, Johnson & Wales University, Denver Campus

August 2015 Safehouse Progressive Alliance Network (for counselors and staff), Boulder, Colorado

March 2015 TRANSforming Gender Symposium, University of Colorado Boulder

September 2014 WINGS/Denver Health Soaring to New Heights Conference, Rita Bass Trauma Center, Denver

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Shift Your Relationship with Shame: Tools for Empowerment (90-minute workshop)

Most people believe shame means “I am bad.” Sadly, this interpretation is not only incomplete, but shapes our experience of shame into a cycle that is nearly impossible to escape. In this interactive workshop,  we begin by demonstrating that shame is better defined as “I’m not good enough to belong.” This shift in definition moves the focus from “what’s wrong with me?” to “how can I meet my need for acceptance?” When we make this shift, shame becomes a useful emotion guiding us toward healing. Together, in a safe space, we’ll work through some examples of applying this new approach. Bring your feelings of shame, and leave with some concrete tools for shifting your relationship with shame.  Our Shame Translator™ will empower you!

Shame: Toxic Emotion or Force for Social Good (60-minute presentation)

From the repercussions of secret affairs, to lost jobs over ill-considered tweets; from self-directed violence such as cutting and suicide, to other-directed violence such as beatings and murder. These and many other social ills have been strongly correlated with shame.

In this talk, Kristina Cizmar will show that shame, properly interpreted, is an evolutionary force for improving ourselves and co-creating a society we can all be proud of.

Using real-world examples, Kristina will show how shame supports us in becoming exemplary citizens and social change agents. Leave this talk with a more empowering understanding of shame and a concrete goal for making this world a better place.

Other topics include:  Cultivating Humility; Working with Shame and Anxiety; Shame and the co-creation of group ideals; Shame, Pride, and GLBT issues; Trauma-Informed Meditation Exercises; Shame and healing from abuseTen Keys Holistic Approach to Healing for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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