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CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS! Saturday December 15, 1-2:30pm, Boulder, Colorado

Shift Your Relationship with Shame: Tools for Empowerment (90-minute workshop)

Most people believe shame means “I am bad.” Sadly, this interpretation is not only incomplete, but shapes our experience of shame into a cycle that is nearly impossible to escape. In this interactive workshop,  we begin by demonstrating that shame is better defined as “I’m not good enough to belong.” This shift in definition moves the focus from “what’s wrong with me?” to “how can I meet my need for acceptance?” When we make this shift, shame becomes a useful emotion guiding us toward healing. Together, in a safe space, we’ll work through some examples of applying this new approach. Bring your feelings of shame, and leave with some concrete tools for shifting your relationship with shame.  Our Shame Translator™ will empower you!

For event details and location, visit Eventbrite by clicking HERE.


Boulder Chant and Meditation

Join Kristina Eklund Wednesday mornings at 8 am for a 30-minute chant and meditation, suitable for beginners, kirtan lovers, and those interested in a trauma-informed approach to meditation. Earth Yoga Boulder is located on Folsom, just north of Valmont in Boulder, Colorado. This is a free/donation drop-in class - no advance registration or yoga mat required! Can't make it? Check out Kristina’s Trauma-Informed Meditation Exercises.

Class description

Come chant with us! Whether you love your voice or think you can’t sing - your voice is welcome. We’ll chant in call and response fashion and finish with a short meditation. Chanting has many benefits including clearing the mind for better focus and attention, opening the chest and lungs for easier breathing, and creating a vibration that helps us release our thoughts and sink into our heartspace for a more easeful meditation. Come as you are, cushions are provided. Feel free to arrive with your morning beverage of choice, or help yourself to a cup of tea.


Emotion Yoga Class Series, Boulder, Colorado

Body and mind come together in Emotion Yoga classes. Experience this new hybrid of all-levels yoga coupled with guided emotion journaling. Based in both ancient yogic tradition and modern cognitive science, we’ll flow and grow through one set of emotions per class, as we harness the movement inherent in e*motion. Journaling page provided. Taught by Kristina (Cizmar) Eklund and Sarah Silvas-Bernstein. Earth Yoga Boulder is located on Folsom, just north of Valmont in Boulder, Colorado. See the schedule. Stay tuned for the next series!